Finally, as expected, too Stain the Hero Killer appeared in the final story arc of My Hero Academia. But what role will he play in it? His character seems to be approaching that of two young Yuei students, but it's not yet clear which side of the line he'll be fighting on.

In My Hero Academia 385 follows Iida and Shoto Stain, who still has an unfinished business with the two. Back to the beginning of the work, they were, with the help of Deku, ie responsible for the capture of the hero killer. Back then, Stain didn't think the two boys were worthy heroes. Is that why he moves in search of revenge?

After escaping from Tartarus after All For One's mass prison breakout, Stain was a great help to Toshinori Yagi. It not only allowed the former symbol of peace to find a new path, but also provided valuable information about the movements of the villains. So it's highly unlikely that Stain is siding with All For One or Shigaraki, but then why is he acting on the sly?

As we can see from the My Hero Academia 386 spoilers Stain follows Shoto and Iida's movements to understand whether the two young students have become worthy heroes during their time in prison or whether they have remained the same as they once were. Based on what he understands, he will make his final decision. It will therefore be Iida and Shoto's behavior to decide whether Stain will fight alongside the new generation of heroes, or if he returns to take on the role of hero killer instead.

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