World Heroes Mission will soon debut in Japanese theaters. Given that moment, let’s go back and analyze the second film in the franchise. My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. Is the plot of the film canonical or is it completely detached from the narrative of Kohei Horikoshi’s work?

My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission is set in the middle of Deku, Shoto and Bakugo’s internships at the Endeavor Agency, but what about the previous film?

The second film in the series, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, made its debut in 2019. Oddly enough, this film also ranks in the middle of season 5 of the anime, and especially after the bow of the Meta Liberation Army. From this it can be deduced that Heroes Rising is canon, but that’s not exactly the case.

Produced by Studio Bones, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is canon for the anime, but not for the manga, as Kohei Horikoshi only worked on the film as a supervisor and not as a scriptwriter for the plot.

Those who have seen the film will know that its events are completely separate from those of the major work, and therefore they are enjoy completely independently, as well as for those who have never seen or read Horikoshi’s work.

Here, with precision, when to watch My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, which has been on the vast Netflix catalog for some time.

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