The first episodes of the fifth season of My hero academia They bring viewers to experience the expected confrontation between Grade 1-A and 1-B of Yuei High School, which participates in a joint training session in which the firstborn of the two sections fights against each other.

However, there is a Joker in the test, which is a young student of the Yuei who applied for the hero department of the high school. We are obviously talking about Hitoshi Shinso, who already stood out for his skills in the first round, won class 1-A thanks to his new strength and Asui’s phenomenal quirk.

In the fifth and final round, Shinso returns to the battlefield, this time on the Class 1-B side. His opponents also include Izuku Midoriya, with whom he had already faced and received during the sports festival a loud thumpwhich had actually denied him the opportunity to fulfill his dream long ago.

However, Shinso is no longer the guy from this fight. Thanks to the hard training of Professor Aizawa, from whom he learned his extraordinary technique of fighting the tape, and the perfection of the quirk, Shinso is determined Revenge for defeat suffered.

With the title “3rd Round Battle” the 95th episode of the anime, the seventh of the fifth season, hence the Premises of this rematch. “”During the break, All Might calls Deku to warn him that he will face Shinso in the fifth round of the battle.“.

This struggle will also be a philosophical confrontation between All Might and Eraserhead. Which of the two is the best mentor? In the meantime, a dark angel has arrived in My Hero Academia 5×05. Let’s find out how many and what sagas will cover the fifth season of My Hero Academia.

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