There have been so many episodes full of fights and action, but episodes they don't want to end. The beginning of sixth season of My Hero Academia It was all punctuated by the war between heroes and villains, with both groups seeing their own deaths and injuries in order to gain dominance over the other.

For now, it seems the heroes are at their worst, with Eraserhead badly injured and thus unable to use his power, while the protagonist Deku lunges at Tomura Shigaraki with his head bowed. Bakugo's intervention was fundamental and caused the anger of the hero of My Hero Academia, who then engaged in a mental and psychological battle against All for One, hiding in the folds of Shigaraki's mind.

That my hero academy pendant 6x11 does not leave good hopes for the heroes. Endeavor and Shoto are there, Iida also comes to protect Bakugo but it's of little use as Gigantomachia also arrives in the area to save the League of Villains. And besides, it seems so Dabi has an important revelation to do in an episode named after him.

"Dabi's Dance" is a 6x11 episode of My Hero Academia and will be released on Crunchyroll on Saturday, December 10, 2022.

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