The mutant uprising was crushed in My Hero Academia 373, but this small victory for the heroes led to the success of Spinner's secret mission. The criminal lizard made it awaken Kurogiriwho has the power to turn the tide of war.

My Hero Academia 374 begins with a close-up of Present Mic, distraught at the sight of Kurogiri and not his friend Shirakumo. Then the scene changes to the USA, where a journalist illustrates the weather forecast. A large tropical anticyclone is moving from Japan to the USA. This was created by the high intensity of Dabi's flames. The power of one man can change the weather.

Back in Japan, we see him again in Kamino Fight between Dabi and Shoto. The eldest Todoroki burns very much, but he is aware that he cannot take revenge on his father if he uses his power against his brother. So he decides to leave Shoto alone and run away with unexpected help.

On the UA Flying Fortress, Deku seemed on the brink of victory, but suddenly a Black hole materializes behind those present. Present Mic is thrown out and Eraerhead is shocked at what is happening.

In the ruins of Gunga, All For One taunts Endeavor and Hawks by illustrating what is happening. Number One receives his son for a visit dabywhen Hawks encounters an enemy he killed himself: twice. What happens when he triggers the Sad Man's Parade?

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