Tokoyami allowed All for One a big hit. The villain of My hero academy now he seems cornered, thanks in part to the return of Endaevor.

The Fire Hero returned just in time and fired a powerful flaming fist at All for One. That My Hero Academia 357 spoilers say the following.

All for One protects itself from Endeavor's attack creates a force field while the Fire Hero is extremely enraged and focuses all of his fire into the right arm of flame he created. Hawks helps him move even faster, so Endeavor uses the Vanishing Jet Burn and knocks All for One into the ground, creating a huge impact. Endeavor argues throughout combat and does not launch random attacks, despite being immensely angry.

Kamui sees All for One on the ground and immediately grabs the other heroes to make them flee. Just then, Endeavor uses another attack and pulls All for One a long distance, still keeping it facedown. All for One cannot move well without a mask and tries to touch Endeavor with one hand to steal the Quirkbut the latter fires a flame to take his hand away.

The fiery hero of My Hero Academia is more convinced than ever that he must win this battle in order to create a future, a future to be traversed by the new generation, including his son and the other 1-A students got to. At the end of the attack Effort casts a Prominence Burn which seems to have reduced All for One to rubble. Endeavor confirms that he has no regeneration and that his body was not as strong as Shigaraki's. However, Hawks yells at him to walk away. All for One starts talking again, asking why the heroes didn't think of other plans. This body is actually interchangeable and you can see Eri in a cartoon. An eye and an ear begin to grow on All for One's burned body.

The end of My Hero Academia 357 though focuses on Deku with Yoichi, the first user of One for All, who feels something strange and warns the protagonist. At that very moment you see something coming towards him.

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