During the My Hero Academia War, heroes and villains faced each other in more than one area. Inevitably, the keeping of the heroic ranks is also held back by the trust of society, but if that fails, the effects would be destructive. And it is no accident that the first problems arose for the heroes.

Immediately after the battle, a few days later, we saw the state of Japan and after a short tour we learned something about the past of the Hawks. in the Chapter 301 of My Hero Academia Instead, it is the turn of another hero's past. At the end of the last issue we had seen the arrival of the Todoroki family at the hospital and Horikoshi decided to dedicate the entire weekly story to them.

Everything starts when Endeavor arranges a strange wedding with Rei of the Himura family. Their first meeting then leads us to a dabi who does not feel part of his body in a villa in the forest due to the efforts made during the battle. But the boy knows that his father is not dead. Then a new look back begins, this time from the perspective of young Touya. The boy has been blocked by the parents who do not want him to continue using his quirk as the child's body knows how to use the father's flames but does not tolerate them and is instead exposed to the mother's frost. All of this creates imbalances in Touya in which the same fire as his father burns and the desire to overcome All Might.

Looking for a way to appease Touya and make him realize that he cannot continue dreaming of being a hero, Endeavor and Rei continue to father children until Shoto arrives. The latter will instantly make Touya jealous, who even tries to attack him with flames. In the present, Rei states that Dabi wasn't born just from Endeavor's shot. My Hero Academia will return next week with Chapter 302.

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