The group of League of Villains It initially seemed to consist of reckless people who had gathered on the street with no great skills or vision, simply inspired by Stain's ideals. But little by little we got to know these My Hero Academia villains. We saw the past of Tomura Shigaraki, the head of the organization.

We got a look at flashbacks about Himiko Toga and Twice and their relationship with society, but we also discovered that Dabi is none other than Touya Todoroki. The Chapter 294 of My Hero Academia with its first spoilers and pictures However, he reveals another great heir to join the Rogue League.

Under the title "Last Stage", which can be translated as the last stage or show, the chapter continues the battle between heroes and criminals. Best Jeanist remembers all the fallen and defeated heroeswhile everyone else continues to fight. However, something seems to be changing among the bad guys as circumstances seem to have changed.

There The real star of the chapter, however, is Mr. Compress, actually grandson of Ouji Harima, one of the main villains in the world of My Hero Academia. The wizard uses his strength to take Spinner and Shigaraki with him and then also manages to get back Dabi, who is forced to postpone his fight with his younger brother. On the last pages of My Hero Academia 294, Mr. Compress reveals his true colors.

The chapter will be officially published on MangaPlus in English and Spanish on Sunday, December 13th.

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