It is a crescendo of emotions that Kohei Horikoshi puts on paper. The mangaka that writes and draws My hero academia For over a decade, he's been bringing together everything he's built up over time in this epoch-making battle.

My Hero Academia has gotten to a point where Tomura Shigaraki and Izuku Midoriya had to face. The new owner of All for One and the ninth user of One for All have been fighting each other for several chapters. However, after the Bakugo attack, Deku was unleashed and ended up in the clutches of the super villain who lived in Shigaraki.

With My Hero Academia 287 We will see the fight continue in the remains of One for All. Deku is still paralyzed but is supported by Nana Shimura, which makes All for One fun. While the villain tries to get his brother's idiosyncrasy back, the founder of One for All tries to block any attack.

The chapter entitled "Errors" sees only one thing Total failure of All for One because after a few tables, Deku and Shigaraki return to the real world. But there is also space for the second lines that finally come into play. It appears that Toga, Dabi and Mr. Compress have arrived near Jaku and a battle between Uraraka and Toga can be seen on the horizon. At the end of the chapter, My Hero Academia 287 dedicates the uravity space. You can see them below first spoiler pictures of My Hero Academia 287.

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