The final chapter of My Hero Academia sparked a lot of discussion, especially because of the Monologue from an important antagonist. During the final battle, Deku finally showed all of his limits. failing to properly perform his duty as a hero and endanger One for All.

The villain in question is All for One, now rooted in Shigaraki Tomura's mind due to Quirk's transplant. All for One verbally attacks his younger brother, the first owner of One for All, who appeared alongside Nana Shimura to protect Deku. Insist on the incompetence of the protagonist and his emotional instability.

According to the antagonist, Deku was unable to protect his friends and his master, he even had to confide in them and bring them to their death. Now, in a parallel dimension, Deku is stuck on the ground and the old owners of the Quirk are forced to step in to protect it. another sign of the boy's weakness.

All for One points out that Deku gave in to anger, a price that was dearly paid for Bakugo's sacrifice and the possible loss of his power. Though the former owners of One for All are trying to defend it, the villain's speech makes surprisingly sense considering that Izuku isn't new to this type of behavior.

In the past, Deku has faced enormous dangers alone, as in the battles against Overhaul, Gentle and Muscular. When you face an incredibly strong opponent Deku certainly does not lack courage and willpower, but often his life ends in unnecessary danger. Bakugo was the last to pay the price for Deku's ruthlessness, and there could be more in the future.

Despite everything, Midoriya continues to make progress with her strength, and who knows that in the future she will not be able to improve teamwork. In any case, The implications of the last few chapters still seem to underscore a great immaturity.

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