The mobile game, Marvel Puzzle Quest, revealed the existence of a new original character coming soon: Deadpool (Spirit of Vengeance). A rare 5-star character, this version of the ghost rider-merged Chatty Mercenary has created an all-new Wade Wilson.

The official description in the character's biography reads: "Deadpool was hired to take down a very popular taco seller. When he arrives on site to do his job, he is delighted with their delicious Tex-Mex "Hellfire" and decides to take it easy. At this moment the mysterious customer enters the scene: Mephisto".

Go on: "Thanks to Mephistos Hellfire chilli, the seller was either huge or successful and was celebrated by donating free food to the community. But his charity wasn't part of the deal, the price had to be paid. Angry at Deadpool's mercy, Mephisto will force him to face the spirit of vengeance. Now he's firing flames and punishing along with his fellow Ghost Rider (they do when they're not riding)".

This version of Dead Pool is Wrong-way drivers is just one of many interpretations of the classic Marvel character created exclusively for the video game Marvel Puzzle Quest, but fans hope to see it on the Marvel Comics pages. Previously, Marvel Puzzle Quest had created Captain America in the version by Peggy Carter, which will appear in Marvel's Exiles and also be seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Maybe there is a chance!

The Deadpool Spirit of Vengeance variant will be part of the Marvel Puzzle Quest anniversary events to celebrate the title's seven years. Some of the skills in the game include: Tacos Diablos, Disgrace-Adilla, Burritonement, and Fajitality.

Do you play Marvel Puzzle Quest? What do you think of this version of Deadpool? If you are a fan of Deadpool, we encourage you to check out the latest news on the new Deadpool soon!

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