From heaven is about to return lumen, the feisty extraterrestrial created by Rumiko Takahashi in the '70s who will return to turn heads. In fact, the series will be renewed in 2022 with an anime starting in October, which will bring new stories of her and Ataru to the stage. What is certain is that Lum will be with us for a long time to come.

The anime's official website confirmed this Lum will air for 24 consecutive episodes, which means around six months of broadcasting time without a break. After that, the rest of the episodes will be announced later. In fact, we know that the anime was supposed to last 4 cours in total, with some news confirming 46 episodes in total.

There was also news from the voice actor front, with Ran played by Kana Hanazawa. The girl is a childhood friend of Lum's and will come to Earth to enroll in the same school, Tomobiki High School. For the rest of the entries we have:

  • Ataru Moroboshi: Hiroshi Kamiya;
  • Lum: Sumire Uesaka;
  • Shinobu Miyake: Maaya Uchida;
  • Shutaro Mendo: Mamoru Miyano;
  • Cherry: Watary Takagi;
  • Sakura: Miyuki Sawashiro;

Lum will leave the company in October 2022 and will mark the return of the alien. To better observe the product, we remind you of the trailer dedicated to Lum.

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