A whole generation, especially in Bel Paese, grew up with the wrestling philosophy Ultimate Muscleknown by the name in Japan Kinnikuman. In this regard, the famous saga could finally enjoy a new animated project soon

Even though we don't hear about the franchise that much these days, the little gem of Yudetamago is an icon of the Japanese sports scene, certainly the most popular with wrestling as the protagonist. From time to time, some merchandising-sponsored initiatives make headlines, as illustrated by this 1:1 reproduction of the trophy housed at the top of Tournament Mountain.

For the uninitiated, the author of the manga of the same name was one of the first to publicly threaten complaints about spoilers, a phenomenon dear to mangakas. In any case, a sensational indiscretion has leaked out in the last few hours: Kinnikuman: Ultimate Muscle will enjoy a new anime adaptation. It's not yet known whether it will be a remake, a feature film, or another project as no further details have been announced, but wrestling returns to the small screen with a new, highly anticipated anime.

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