The protagonist of Garden of Sinners, or Kara no Kyoukai originally titled Shiki Ryogi, born from the creative activity of Kinoko Nasu as a writer and Takashi Takeuichi as an illustrator. It was December 1st, 2007 when Garden of Sinners was launched on TV channels in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Anime Kara no Kyoukai was created by transferable, an animation studio that over the years has gained more and more public attention thanks to the quality of its work, as we can read in the review of Demon Slayer for example. The franchise, which began as a light novel, has received nine feature films, one OAV, and a 13-episode television adaptation.

Exactly 15 years have passed since the anime Kara no Kyoukai debuted in 2007, and indeed, on December 1, 2022, a tweet by KaroshiMyriad at the end of the news of one of the anime's old posters adds an interesting text: "Ufotable has announced a new small project for Kara no Kyoukai to celebrate the 15th anniversary". Said tweet translates the official tweet, which is also attached to this message and is published directly by the Ufotable profile. The official tweet contains some more information, although it remains largely shrouded in mystery. The animation studio writes that the New memorial project was born as a token of gratitude to the fans of the animated adaptations.

What do you think is cooking in the pot? In which'waiting for more news We offer the opportunity to read the special on Ufotable.

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