The DC Comics Future State Event has recently started and is one of the series involved Justice League. Among the major news regarding the superhero team we find the romance between two of its members.

The story shows the beloved group of heroes arriving at the Hall of Justice where the Legion of Destiny seems to have been mercilessly murdered. Then we learn under what conditions the members of the old and the new Justice League must submit, who must after a terrible fight Avoid fraternization outside of the missions.

Contrary to the rule, however, we can see the special relationship between Andy Curry Aquawomanand Jess Chambers, Kid Quick. In fact, on the pages of the comic, the girl is introduced to us while she is about to cook dinner. In the meantime, the young hero takes a seat on the sofa. Andy then reminds him to still be careful not to break the rules The two continue to talk and at the end of the scene it will be Jess to point out to the heroine that she did not respect the code that was imposed.

Another clue to their relationship is revealed when the two are attacked by the hyperclan after injuring the boy. Andy will immediately try to avenge him.

What do you think of the relationship between the two heroes? Let us know with a comment.

I also remember that a new Legion of Destiny formation is ready to meet the Justice League heroes.

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