An intense battle took place on three fronts in episode 23 of Jujutsu Kaisen, with the talented Megumi Fushiguro starring as the lead actor. After watching the episode, you've probably wondered how its shikigami and domain extension work and most importantly What secret technique does he have to possess in order to be able to scare Sakuna himself?.

In this article we are going to uncover the mystery, but before we explain how its secret technique works, let's assume there will be several Spoiler on chapters of the manga not yet adjusted, and that won't likely be broadcast until the end of season two.

First of all, Megumi's technique is inherited from the members of the Zenin family the boy came from. The technique enables the user to summon a total of ten Shikigami according to his will all part of the power itself and therefore not interchangeable. Once this power is unlocked, the user can summon the Jade Dogs (black and white) at will It is imperative that all others be defeated and tamed.

Shikigami are therefore wild animals, and at the beginning of the story Megumi called them one by one and defeated them with her strength and that of the dogs so that she could summon them in battle. As soon as one shikigami dies, its power is transferred to another, and if all ten were to lose their lives, the power would simply become useless.

Megumi Fushiguro's secret technique is actually a shikigami, the tenth. In fact, all holders of Zenin power can summon the "Divine General Mahoraga", a unit that no one has yet defeated. General Mahoraga is a creature of unprecedented offensive power that can adapt to any enemy attack and heal quickly. The only way to destroy him is to constantly attack him with new techniques and destroy his body before he adapts, an achievement that is literally impossible for both wizards and cursed spirits.

Fushiguro's last step is to call Mahoraga and begin the ritual for receiving the Shikigami and force someone close to participate. With Mahoraga practically unbeatable, the hoped-for outcome is that this kills both Fushiguro and the opponent, thus proving to be an ace in the hole that can only be used in the most desperate situations.

Is everything clear now? Let us know in the comments! For other curiosities about jujutsu kaisen, however, we recommend that you check out the explanation of how Satoru Gojo works and the revelation of the true taste of Sakuna's fingers!

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