Jujutsu Kaisen It's undoubtedly one of the most popular Shonen series of recent years, and a large part of its success has been due to the characterization of the characters and their rather peculiar powers. Despite this popularity, it's clear that Akutami's work contains influences from other mainstays of the category, including bleaching by Tite Kubo.

Confirmation came directly from one of the Statements in the new guide of the serieswhere Akutami talked about how the character of Aoi Todo, a third year student at Jujutsu High who is said to be the protagonist Yuji's best friend, is based on one of Bleach's most powerful Shingami.

"He's my version of Zaraki Kenpachi from Bleachbecause Gojo didn't convince me enough like Zaraki Kenpachi", these are the words of the mangaka reported in one of his many interventions in the guide. In light of this revelation, several seem obvious Aspects shared by the Shinigami and the Wizardas is their no-nonsense approach to combat, with a clear preference for action over strategy.

Akutami also delved further into Todo's character, revealing that his ideal woman type defined himself after meeting Yuki Tsukumo. Tell us if you noticed that too Similarity between kenpachi and todo in the comments.

Finally, we remind you that during Jump Festa 2023, Akutami has returned to talk about the end of Jujutsu Kaisen.

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