Jojo’s bizarre adventure: A fan finds a cute Easter egg

A fan found an Easter egg from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Try It in an anime scene Jojo's bizarre adventure: Diamond is unbreakable. Hirohiko Araki's anime won't be as weird as Mike Myers' films, but there are some very funny moments in Jojo too!

Reddit user DarthFecker managed to find this incredible Easter egg from the movie Austin Power: The Spy Who Tried, Film that has as protagonist Austin Power and his antagonist Doctor Evil, both played by Canadian comedian Mike Myers. The Easter egg was found by a fan on the fourth season of Jojo's bizarre adventure: Diamond is unbreakablethat tells of the strange phenomena in the city of Morioh. Josuke Higashigata and his Crazy Diamond booth are trying to frame serial killer Kira, also with a booth called the Killer Queen.

Josuke and his companions will eventually manage to defeat the serial killer, although several members of the group will lose their lives. Next year Jojo's bizarre adventure will have a special spring eventMany argue that it is for the arrival of the next season of the anime Stone ocean, in which Jolyne Kujo will be seen.

If you're planning on getting a new watch from Jojo before season six, let's recap the series of Jojo’s bizarre adventure and not forget that we’re about to see the animated adaptation of So Spoke Rohan Kishibe, Jojo’s Oav is coming soon.

I just discovered that at the end of episode 24 of DiU there is a billboard of Austin Powers 2 that goes out 1999x the same year DiU is set. Nice detail there from r / StardustCrusaders

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