The series of Jojo's bizarre adventure always presented us with extravagant and extraordinary protagonists, and certainly the hectic life of Josuke Higashikata, the main character of Diamond Is Unbreakable, in the imaginary Japanese city of Morioh is a perfect example.

Introduced as illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar, 16-year-old Josuke will try in Battle Tendency and together with his nephew Jotaro in Stardust Crusaders to stop a terrible serial killer with the help of his companions and his powerful Crazy Diamond estate.

Alternating fight scenes with dramatic interludes, Morioh's children have a lot more to think about Compared to the normal everyday life that peers spent at school, and thanks to the special powers that characterize each character, Hirohiko Araki managed to create a story with a perfect rhythm, which is through a mysterious artifact, the bow and arrow and The arrow marked is ubiquitous threat from Yoshikage Kira.

Fan @ lahme2 thought of characters struggling with a normal life and shared a drawing on Reddit that he sees Josuke and the others follow an art class from Rohan Kishibe. As the author of the illustration at the bottom of the page explained, one of the goals was to display as many characters as possible. In fact, outside the window, you can see the other yo-yo.

We remind you that Jotaro has become the protagonist of a fan-made invitation and leave the special to the best of Araki's works on the stands.

[Fanart] I did fan art from the Part 4 gang that has an art class! It was fun adding as many characters as possible (@ iahme2) from r / StardustCrusaders

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