Unemployed reincarnation, one of the most popular winter anime by fans around the world, has finally completed the narrative arc of the prologue e From March 7th, the real beginning of the adventure will be staged by Rudeus and his companions. Studio Bind thanked fans for their support with a social post and also shared a new teaser trailer.

The teaser shows some scenes from the next episode and anticipates "the beginning of a great adventure". The episodes published so far are in fact They were just the basis for everything that will happen in the next sagasand they haven't even scratched the surface of the colossal work from Rifujin na Magonote. After all, Studio Bind worked on the anime for four years, and given the numbers, it's practically certain to extend it for a second season.

In case you're wondering how long the animated series will last, we can foresee that The first eight episodes adapt two volumes of the light novel, which ended on December 25, 2020 with the release of Volume 24. Given that the first season will have 24 episodes, we can assume that there is room for at least four Double Cour seasons, although the total number as a writer could already increase with a sequel in mind.

Despite strong Western criticism Jobless Reincarnation managed to become the second most-viewed original anime of the season according to Horimiya with hundreds of thousands of followers on major anime-related websites. The series ends in June 2021.

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