On the official page for the original anime Inou no AICis: ESP & High School Detective ((AIC is the supernatural) It has been announced that the second season will premiere on April 10 in Japan on YouTube. The statement also included a promotional image for this second season.

In this second season, the story moves two years earlier, starting with the "past" related to student detective training. The story tells the relationship between the heroine Chiyo Izumi and the protagonist Jindou Kiriya, who is being held in a research facility. On the other hand, the first season has aired in Japan since February 13th and has not confirmed the number of episodes. The last episode, the sixth, was released on March 27th. So if there is an episode on April 3, it means the series will not stop airing and will only change its name for the second season.


  • Jin Ogasawara like Jindou Kiriya.
  • Haruna Asami as Fuuka Minase.
  • Chiyo Tomaru as Chiyo Izumi.
  • Hikaru Midorikawa like Aka-ude.

AliA plays the opening song titled "Limit" while Tsuyu plays the closing song titled "Taiyou ni Nareru ka na" (Can I become the sun?). Given the premiere on YouTube, you'd think the format would be a series of short films. However, the presence of both the opening and closing themes confirms that the episodes are indeed of long duration.

Synopsis of Inou no Aicis

The anime takes place in the fictional Geso district of Tokyo, a school town where an application called โ€œAICisโ€ is becoming increasingly popular. Those who receive the app are given supernatural powers that they can use to pursue their own selfish desires, which leads to many cases of violence and other incidents. The story revolves around a group of detectives who solve cases related to those in power.

Source: official page

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