Feitan, Phinks, and Nobunaga decided to make their move. The current story arc continues on the ship where the succession battle takes place Hunter X Hunter, the spider also decided to move so it could find Hisoka faster. However, meeting the Heil-Ly family infuriated her.

Because of this, the spider declares war on Kakin's mafia family, and the trio move independently to track down their enemies. This is exactly what triggered a flashback in Hunter x Hunter dedicated to the creation of the Ghost Brigade, coupled first with the children's delight in synchronizing the Cleanup Rangers episodes, then with the death of little Sarasa. That Hunter x Hunter 398 spoilers You don't deal with all of that. As the images below show, we return to the present, with the three of the Phantom Brigade in action.

In the image gallery, Nobunaga, Phinks and Feitan return to work to track down the Heil-Ly family headquarters. The swordsman in particular seems very determined to achieve his goal by targeting an unknown character who could be a family member. After a scene where Feitan appears to be surrounded by a strange smell, the The trio meet again Hinrigh Biganduffnoright hand of the Xi-Yu family.

He and Nobunaga decide to team up while the swordsman tries to knock down a wall like before. This time, however, the wall is not cut because it is a non-existent wall. So we need to open the door to a room that doesn't seem to have anything in it. That Chapter 398 of Hunter x Hunter is titled "The Quest"will you find the place you want?

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