Yoshihiro Togashi has now entered the heart of this publication cycle. The first three chapters did Continuation of the feud between mafia families. The three families take center stage following the remastered Volume 37 of Hunter x Hunter, which traces the fundamentals of this criminal warfare that also includes Hisoka and the Phantom Brigade.

Hinrigh ran into Hisoka but then had to go to the spot indicated by the soldier. Along with Cha-R's Keni'i Wang, Xi-Yu's right hand man faced the mystery of the room where people disappear. That Hunter x Hunter 394 spoilers They continue from there, with the right arm shooting into the old man's thigh, who starts screaming in pain. However, it mysteriously disappears.

However, the room is still aloof as a person disappears from view. However, this subordinate of Hinrigh finds himself in front of a door, where he is butchered by a soldier from Morena. The Heil-Ly family hideout is then in this room, with several members inside and also the leader. Meanwhile, Hinrigh continues to watch the footage from the cat video camera Many new characters appear in Hunter x Hunter who want to have a say, among soldiers and subordinates of the princes.

The fight for Kakin's throne is getting more and more complicated.

Hxh 394

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