At the end of the studio's twenty-fourth episode of Original Anime Passione, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou ((Higurashi: When they cry - Gou) Production of a second season of the project has been confirmed. This second season is titled Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu and its premiere is scheduled for next July in Japan.

The first season premiered in Japan in October 2020 and lasted a total of twenty-four episodes. The franchise is based entirely on a series of visual novels, the first episode of which was published in Japan in 2002. From there, several adjustments to manga, anime, and live-action projects began.

Production team

  • Ryukishi07 Y. 07. Extension The original idea is credited Akio Watanabe ((Monogatari series) is responsible for the character design.
  • Keiichirou Kawaguchi ((Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa, Getsumen to Heiki Mina, island) was responsible for directing the first season in the studios Passione ((Citrus fruits, Rokka no Yuusha, High School DxD Hero).
  • Naoki Hayashi ((Black fox, Citrus fruits) was responsible for writing and overseeing the scripts in the first season
  • Kenji Kawai ((Ghost in the shell, Mobile suit Gundam 00) composed the soundtrack for the first season.

Summary of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou

On a warm summer day in 1983, transfer student Maebara Keiichi arrived in a peaceful rural town in Hinamizawa. There he befriends his classmates Rena, Mion, Rika and Satoko. Keiichi and the gang, who are recognized as official members of the "Club", practice various activities such as card and board games as well as hide and seek. But just as Keiichi was getting used to life in the country, he came across the dark story behind Hinamizawa. When Keiichi reveals this dark secret, he discovers that his new friends may not be what they appear to be.

Source: Oricon News

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