Started in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump in 1983, still today Hokuto no Ken He is one of the greatest exponents of the shonen genre. The mangaka responsible for the design of Ken the Warrior has been involved in a strange collaboration with McDonald's. Here is Samurai Mac, heir to the divine school of Hokuto.

As manga characters become more popular and incorporated into daily life, it's not the first time we've seen similar ad campaigns. However, this one released by the well-known fast food chain stands out from the rest. That Designer Tetsuo Hara created a new character to promote him MC Donalds. Here we propose instead the protagonist of Berserk designed by Hara from Fist of the North Star.

Samurai Mac is the new McDonald's mascot designed by illustrator Tetsuo Hara, which spawned the legend of Hokuto no Ken alongside Buronson. In the commercial for this marketing campaign, we see Samurai Mac climbing a very steep mountain, overcoming all the obstacles that stand between him and his new sandwich exclusively for McDonald's Japan. In the second clip at the end of the article, instead, we see Tetsuo Hara busy illustrating the character he gave birth to.

This isn't the first time we've seen Samurai Mac, Mascot actually created in 2020 for a limited special edition. However, the character's widespread popularity has prompted McDonald's and Hara to repropose her several times. Will Samurai Mac and other similar commercial ventures ever leave the confines of the rising sun? In the meantime, we leave you with the summary of Ken the Warrior manga.

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