After a brief delay related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the second half of the Haikyuu season four !! is finally over. Despite being a sports-themed anime, the work featured some particularly moving scenes. How will the public react?

The fourth season of the Haikyuu anime !! was marked by one of the most difficult games played by Karasuno, the one with Inarizaki. At the end of the game, the consequences of the confrontation were investigated in the last episode of the series.

Although it hasn't been officially confirmed yet, it's the fifth season of Haikyuu !! promises to be one of the most important. Actually, the game against Inarizaki It was just the start of a series of even more complex games. Will the Karasuno boys be able to pass the third round of the Spring Nationals tournament?

Fans waited for news about the future of the series and flocked to Twitter at the end of season four. ""I'm looking forward to Season 5. "" I'm so sad, but also super excited for Season 5". But apparently the latest episode has been released it was so intense Moving enthusiasts. ""If Haikyuu !! It's just an anime about volleyball so why am I crying?"In the meantime, let's find out where to start reading Haikyuu's manga. The free Erik Shoji comments on some scenes from Haikyuu's anime.

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