Haikyu: This is how the manga ended, summary of the last chapter

8 years and 5 months: This was the duration of the publication of Haikyu, one of the most durable spokes ever published widely in manga magazines. The announcement of the end had arrived on Weekly Shonen Jump for a few days and fans are raging these days to commemorate the finale of one of the most famous works in recent years.

The last chapter of Haikyu !! It will be available on MangaPlus from 6 p.m. on Sunday, July 19, 2020. But what did Haruichi Furudate include in this last chapter? Let's find out the content of Haikyu 402 with all regards to the characters.

The match between MSBY Jackal and Schweiden Adler with the Hinata's victory over KageyamaThe two met in 2021 to play for the Japanese national team. Chapter 402 of Haikyu !! It starts with the way to Japan's game against Argentina. Slowly, all of the characters in the story who watch the games are shown, again showing their growth and career in life.

The nostalgia continues when the Japanese selection comes into the field and the members of the monster generation stand out here, while on the other side is the Argentine naturalized Oikawa. The game's first attack belongs to the Japanese who are coming knocked over by the superfast of Kageyama and Hinata. After the duo has scored the first point, it beats itself by celebrating on a movable double table.

A year later, the two are against each other again at club level: Kageyama plays for Roma and Hinata for Sao Paulo and in the final of the Club World Cup they will set a new level of their eternal challenge. With this side, on which the two are again against each other, Haikyu 402 and consequently the manga ends. Don't miss the Haikyu review!

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