And also the adventure of Haikyu !! is nearing the end. Weekly Shonen Jump will lose many important pieces in 2020. As announced by the magazine and also expected by the author Haruichi Furudate, the volleyball manga, which has been raging in the magazine for eight years, ends with chapter 402.

The last arc is just before the end, so let's see What can we expect from Haikyu Chapter 402?, the end. Chapter 401 was released on Sunday July 12th on MangaPlus, where the game between the MSBY Jackal and Adler's sweaty ends. After an annoyingly funny race in which everyone showed up, it is so Time to say goodbye to Hinata and Kageyama. However, we will greet them when they see them again on the same side of the field.

Indeed, it has been shown the arrival of the two players at the 2020 Tokyo Olympicsthat were even postponed to 2021 in the manga. This time there will be world-famous players: we will therefore discover the emergence of Japan, which is likely to be made up of all the phenomena that we have discovered over the years and especially among many members of the monstrous generation.

Ushijima, Hoshiumi, Sakusa, Bokuto, Miya and many others will return alongside Hinata and Kageyama, some on the bench and some in the field to a Chapter 402 of Haikyu This will be the last game in the history of these guys. It is possible that we will see a game or at least a very short phase between Japan and Brazil. Among the spectators will also be the companions of Karasuno and the other brilliant players who have not continued their professional careers in volleyball.

Furudate is unlikely to be able to show more than a few scenes from the game, provided he doesn't focus solely on entering the field and on the characters' emotions and thoughts and shows us their growth and journey again. The last chapter of Haikyu !! will be published on MangaPlus in English and Spanish on Sunday July 19th.

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