The Golden Kamui manga finale brought the story of Sugimoto and Asirpa to a conclusion, but it continues its course with the animated adaptation. For yearsGolden Kamui Anime is chart stable, which has resulted in the production of four seasons, one of which is in the works.

The trailer for Golden Kamui's fourth season foreshadowed the contents of the episodes that started in October, which unfortunately are on the verge of a setback. Golden Kamui's official website has announced that episodes 6 through 12 of this season (corresponding to episodes 43 through 49 in general) have been postponed. The reason? Unfortunately on 1.11 Employee of the anime Golden Kamui has passed away.

The personal details of this employee or the causes have not yet been announced. In each case, it was stressed that there would be a postponement of the episodes to a later date, but this postponement will also impact the production of the home video edition. As a result, the Blu-rays and DVDs planned for the coming months will likely not come out as originally planned, although talks are still ongoing.

Golden Kamui is therefore suspended and only later will the anime return, with the information to be released once a final decision is made by the production.

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