Genshin Impact never ceases to amaze its vast player base with fresh content and breathtaking visuals. Recently, the game introduced an animated short, capturing the hearts of fans and raising curiosity about future updates.

The Animated Short: "The Road Not Taken"

The animated short, "The Road Not Taken", showcases beloved characters Aether, Lumine, Paimon, and Dainsleif embarking on a journey across Teyvat. Accompanied by a moving song by Hoyo-Mix and Aimer, the short features stunning animation and poignant. A quote from the narration encapsulates the theme:

"But at least you're still somewhere in this world. The trail of a shooting star that once crossed the sky, now is the path not taken by which I search for you."

Upcoming Updates and Releases

The recent livestream revealed exciting updates, including new banners and characters. In the first half of the upcoming version, players can look forward to Clorinde and Alhaitham, along with a new four-star character, Sethos, the Sage of Wisdom. The second half will feature Sigewinne and Furina. Additionally, the new region, Natlan, teases dragon-like creatures and vishap roaming its landscapes. Mark your calendars for June 5th, when Version 4.7 goes live.

The Anime Adaptation: Concerns and Speculations

Despite the excitement surrounding the animated short, fans express growing concerns about the Genshin Impact anime adaptation. Since its announcement in September 2022, updates have been sparse, leading to speculation about its progress.

Genshin Impact

Comparison to the Animated Short

The high quality of "The Road Not Taken" sets a benchmark for the anime adaptation. Fans fear that the anime might not meet the same standard, which fuels discussions and worries within the community.

Production Details

It's crucial to note that the recent animated short was not produced by Ufotable, the studio collaborating with the franchise. This distinction has stirred various reactions, with some fans praising the short while others remain anxious about the anime's development.


As Genshin Impact continues to expand its universe with engaging content, the fan community eagerly anticipates both game updates and the long-awaited anime adaptation. While concerns persist, the dedication of the developers and the support of the fans drive the franchise forward. Stay tuned for more adventures, and share your thoughts and excitement with friends!

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