Last Friday season 2 has finally started Fire Force, one of the leading souls of the summer. Among fans, however, there is a doubt: what will be the number of episodes of the new season?

According to the latest update published on the official website, will count about 24 episodes, just like the previous one. In Japan the episodes will be distributed in four Blu-Ray editions and in 8 DVD volumes, each containing six episodes. At the moment Funimation's plans for a possible publication abroad of these home video versions are not clear.

Another topic of discussion concerns the hypothetical period of pause between the two narrative cours of the second season. With the last one, David Production managed the production of the episodes to the bitter end, however - before COVID-19 - he suffered more than a few difficulties.

It is therefore possible that this time, there will be a different management by the staff, also complicit in the starting difficulties induced by the aftermath of the pandemic.

Are you satisfied with the number of episodes of the second season of Fire Force? Tell us yours below in the comments.

Fire Force 2 starts now, the first episode is available with Italian subtitles. The protagonists of the second season of Fire Force show themselves in a new key visual.

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