Fire Force 2: A fan of the series joins the cast

The second season of Firepowerwhich started last summer was able to entertain fans with a more frenetic pace and closer fights, also created with excellent animation from the David Production studio. Current information has confirmed the arrival of a new voice actor a few episodes ahead of the finale Seasonal.

It was an article on the Japanese comic strip Natalie that revealed that it will be out soon a new addition to the cast from Fire Force, it is Silkroad, the leader of the group of comedians known on YouTube as Fishermen, who has never hesitated to express his deep admiration for the latest work by Atsushi Okubo, which has achieved record numbers in terms of sales of the manga.

The actor was entrusted with the character of Anton, a member of the Fire Force Company that plays a marginal role, but certainly Silkroad will be able to impress viewers of the rising sun with its comedy and sympathy. The anime's recent events have introduced a new owner to the Adolla Burst, and a new key visual anticipated the narrative arc that will lead to the conclusion of the second season, which is dedicated an investigative operation in the Nether.

Recall that episode 9's spectacular animations drove the web crazy and we leave you to a loyal cosplay dedicated to the cute Tamaki.

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