Once again, Aniplex becomes the protagonist with the franchise of they do, the jewel of Kinoko Nasu, which has been enriched with numerous side productions for several years. The next title to enjoy an anime adaptation is an adaptation of a light novel titled Destiny / Strange Fake.

He's been talking about an alleged Fate/Strange Fake anime for about a month already, an announcement that came in the last few hours and which he's seeing aniplex another involvement in a work inspired by the mythology of Kinoko Nasu. In fact, for the uninitiated, even the novel was sponsored by an animated trailer for the release of one of the volumes a while back.

In any case, the events of Fate / Strange Fake take place around 70 years after Third Grail War in Fuyuki and a decade after those of Destiny / Hollow Ataraxia, so it's sort of a spin-off sequel to Nasu's official productions, as an organization in the United States asked members of the cult to take data from the war to perform a mysterious ritual. It is not yet known which animation studio will be responsible for the project, but there are rumors on the net about one of these three companies: A-1 Pictures, Cloverworks and Troycawith the latter favourite.

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