On the official account for the animated franchise from Fate / Grand Orderit was announced that the animation project Fate / Grand Order: Shuukyoku Tokuiten - Kani Jikan Shinden Solomon ((Fate / Grand Order: Final Singularity - The Great Temple of Time: Solomon) will be shown in theaters in Japan at an undisclosed time. Advance ticket sales and further information will be announced on May 15th.

This animation project, the format of which is still unknown, will be the story “Kani Jikan Shinden Solomon (The great temple of Solomon's time) ”, Which is the final singularity of the first part of the video game Fate / Grand Order. It should be noted that it will have the same animation team on the project Fate / Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia, which also includes the director Toshifumi Akai is already studying Cloverworksalthough the latter are not fully confirmed.

Fate / Grand Order Synopsis: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia

In 2016 AD, the foundations of humanity were cremated by the wizarding king Solomon. Chaldea, a secret organization of wizards with a mission to preserve the future of humanity, foretold the extinction of humanity in 2015. Thus began the operation to repair the singularities in history caused by the Holy Grails scattered in time and space.: Operation Grand Order. Using rayshift time travel technology, Chaldea's last master, Ritsuka Fujimaru, and his half-servant Mash Kyrielight have traveled and solved six singularities. Now they were on their way to their most dangerous destination yet: a civilization in the Age of Gods, BC 2655 Mesopotamia. Ritsuka and Mash soon discover that demonic beasts roam the land attacking people and cities. Amidst chaos and terror lies mankind's final defense: Uruk, a fortress city that acts as a front against the beasts.

The front is commanded by none other than King Gilgamesh, the king of heroes, who sought the help of the heroic spirits and took on the role of the magician to protect his city. Together with Gilgamesh and the summoned servants, Ritsuka and Mash must protect Uruk from the attack of the magical beasts and defeat the alliance of the three goddesses that aims to exterminate humanity. Meanwhile, Uruk faces a greater threat as it prepares to awaken.

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