Charles Leclerc's previous contract with Ferrari is up formula 1, one of the longest in Prancing Horse history, expires in 2024, at the end of two more seasons. However, the Monegasque is one of the most talented and watched drivers out there, which is why Maranello has started talking about renewals.

Nobody loves Ferrari like Leclerc, he who is linked to the red single-seater by that subtle bond with the father he admired so much. But the previous season put a considerable burden on the Monegasque as his mistakes and those of strategy cost the team a very valuable title. The hierarchies between Leclerc and Sainz are a separate topic in the renewal that Ferrari wants to give top priority.

Fred Vaseur The new Cavallino Rampante boss and familiar face to Charles himself has already revealed Maranello's first goal: Extend contract with Leclerc, which expires in 2024. The pressure comes mainly from the sirens Mercedes which, however, may fade in the face of interest from pages Toto Wolff wants to extend Hamilton's contract aboard the Silver Arrows.

In any case, part of the choice will fall on the shoulders of the new Ferrari 675 which, if it doesn't prove competitive, could really make the Monegasque give up his dream of the title aboard the Cavallino. And you, but what do you think of these rumours? As usual, let us know with a comment below.

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