We discovered the release date of the EDENS ZERO anime, now we're reporting it first button visually The focus was on the duo of protagonists of the events in the original universe created by Hiro Mashima.

As you know, he will take care of the animated implementation of the work JC staff, Animation studio responsible for the second season of One Punch Man and Food Wars, among other things. The director, on the other hand, is a name known to the numerous fans of Hiro Mashima's anime: It's Shinji Ishihira, who has already worked on the one animated version of Fairy Tail. At the bottom of the news there is instead an image that focuses on Shiki, Rebecca and the anthropomorphic robot named Happy, protagonists of the chapters of EDENS ZERO.

To see the first season of the show we will have to wait for the next April 2021, instead for those who do not know the plot of the manga. In the episodes we will follow the events of Shiki, a little boy who grew up on a planet where only robots live. One day a girl will arrive on the planet, Rebecca, with whom she will decide to go Explore the galaxy named "Sakura Cosmos".

If you're curious to discover other curiosities about the series, here is the comment from the author of EDENS ZERO following the announcement of the animated series produced by JC Staff.

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