The frequency of unpublished content and illustrations that Hiro Mashima uses to keep his fans updated is incredible, both to remember the most important moments and couples of his works, and to celebrate the upcoming holidays. On the occasion of Halloween, the master returned to portray Rebecca di Eden zero disguised as a witch.

Two series are currently in progress, Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest, of which the animated adaptation has also been announced, and Eden's Zero, which has met and passed the milestone of 200 chapters, Mashima's time is limited, but the author does not fail to update fans of his works with new and often sharp drawings. Very often, and in recent years, the master proposes unpublished drafts for the female protagonists Rebecca BlaugartenEden's Zero co-star alongside Shiki, has been immortalized multiple times.

With Halloween approaching, a holiday Mashima has always given special attention to, influencer and adventurer Rebecca She was depicted in a witch costume, where there is a small stylized shiki on the hat. Let us know what you think of this cute illustration of Rebecca in a makeover in the comments.

To finish, we leave you with an illustration of the fascinating Homura, also signed by Mashima.

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