Hiro Mashima is hands down one of the most active mangaka on social media, given the ongoing sketches and unpublished drawings seen protagonists Natsu and Lucy from Fairy Tail and more recently Shiki and Rebecca from Eden's Zero and on the occasion of the upcoming Halloween holidays, he decided to show the spacemen in different "shapes".

Recovering a horror movie poster with ironic tones, with a giant moon and dark, ominous buildings in the background, Mashima took the opportunity for both of them wish all his fans a happy Halloweenboth to present a transformation that is nothing short of special for the three main characters in his latest work.

The protagonist, Shiki appears as a real werewolfRebecca wears different clothes than usual instead and seems to have gone through a partial transformation, only with a big deal while being a wolf happy, a recurring character in the Sensei series, has become a cute pink bat.

We also remember that Edens Zero 7 will arrive in November with a surprise and that Hiro Mashima will be among the guests at Lucca 2020.

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