The concept of death in Dragon Ball Z has never been studied in any particular way, but we know that when a person loses his life, his soul goes to the afterlife in the form of a small cloud and, due to the actions performed, ends up in heaven or in hell, although this rarely happens Fall is In such cases, the souls are in control of the body.

The last case is an exception that manifests itself only in the deceased He did extraordinary things, like saving planet earth For example, and this justifies the fact that Goku was able to continue using his body after he died. But why did Vegeta, who exterminated races and destroyed planets, never find himself in the underworld?

Before his two deaths in Dragon Ball Z, the Saiyan prince had been alive an existence marked by genocide, greed and deep selfishness, but we still know how much he actually changed over the course of the events that led him to stay on planet Earth and connect romantically with Bulma. Just before he died for the first time, Vegeta asked Goku, Freeza, di, to stop Don't allow him to turn someone else into who he has become even.

Admitting such a defect is not easy for anyone, but this one episode compared to the brutalities committed in the past absolutely does not justify Vegeta in the eyes of King Enma, and for this, although nothing is stated about it in the series, The Saiyan would undoubtedly deserve going to Hell.

Things get complicated when you analyze the second death of Vegeta, which is marked by particularly moving moments like few others in the entire series. Just before he sacrifices himself against Majin Buu, Piccolo explains it to him he will not be able to maintain his body, given the amount of life it has wiped out. However, later in the same saga, after a discussion with King Emma, ​​Vegeta will get his body back to take part in the fight with Buu. It seems, therefore, that the king chose to do so Keep the Saiyan's soul in purgatoryand decide to give him a second chance to save the earth.

The character of Vegeta therefore represents one of the rare exceptions in the Dragon Ball universe, different from Goku but much deeper, which has seen an evolution over the years. When Dende asked the dragon Polunga to bring all the dead since the beginning of the World Martial Arts Tournament back to life, Vegeta's halo is goneand reaffirms how the shadow of past acts has been removed from his now good character.

Recall that Dragon Ball Z and Jojo teamed up for a fun crossover and we're leaving you to a cute Bulma adult cosplay.

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