Dragon Ball Z: Trunks meets Back to the Future in a fun fanart

One of the figures introduced in Dragon Ball Z Not only did Future Trunks achieve great success with fans, but it was also able to disrupt the main timeline more than once. He first appeared at the beginning of the Androids saga and later returned with his story arc dedicated to Dragon Ball Super.

With the debut of Future Trunks, Time travel They became an integral part of the universe created by Akira Toriyama, and given the presence of a time machine created by the Bulma of the future, a reference to the greatest works on the subject was inevitable.

Considering the famous films Back to the Future, the artist @ lumlum_01 has reinterpreted the poster of the second film by replacing the characters of Marty McFly and Doc Trunks or his mother Bulma, near the unforgettable DeLorean. With a unique, cute style and respect for the details of the original designs, with the only addition of the Capsule Corporation symbol, the design is a perfect cross between the Robert Zemeckis film trilogy and the Toriyama manga.

What do you think of this homage that united two important media? Let us know with a comment. We also remember that # 18 has a perfect cosplay and that Vegetto's origins have been explained.

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