Although they were not canonical and created clashes impossible in the original work, the films of Dragon Ball Z they were acclaimed by the Italian and non-Italian public. From the first films with Goku against Garlic Junior to Hildegarn, passing through the many films with Broly. Just Broly then passed into the canonical universe of Dragon Ball Super.

The character of the Legendary Super Saiyan has been among the most loved ever since it was included in the 1993 film Dragon Ball Z: The Super Saiyan of the Legend. In fact, the following year he arrived Dragon Ball Z: Challenge to the legend, the eighth feature film in the franchise and which saw Broly this time against Gohan, Goten and Trunks. Set during a period ascribable to that of the Majin Buu saga and with Goku dead, the green-haired saiyan arrived on Earth and put everyone in difficulty.

In the finale, Dragon Ball Z: Challenge to the legend presented us the legendary Kamehameha between brothers who later became a triple attack by Goku, Gohan and Goten. By digging up those memories, the Limandao fan posted his reinterpretation of the movie's poster on Twitter. No more playful looks and red hues, this time Broly worries the spectator and the earthly Saiyans have to fight the enemy without their greatest support.

At the bottom of the news you can see the tweet with the image created by the fan, do you like it more than the original? Besides Broly, which antagonists of the Dragon Ball Z movies would you like to see back in Dragon Ball Super?

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