The adventure of Dragon Ball Z, the second anime dedicated to the world of Akira Toriyama and the direct sequel to the first Goku saga, saw the characters face aliens on earth, travel in space and then fight against creatures that transcend humanity. because of dr Gelo's thirst for revenge, Androids were born in Dragon Ball Z.

Originally there were already the androids of Dragon Ball - how to forget, for example, the good Brass, aka C8 - but the level of the last androids is completely different from the previous ones. As recommended by Trunks, Dr. Put the young lapis and lazuli in your hands, Create beings with limited energy and superhuman strengthclearly superior to that of the Saiyans.

The twins are immediately portrayed as evil, greedy, and violent, capable of taking out all of the protagonists in a single fight. This C18 cosplay from Dragon Ball Z created by Melissa Lissova maintains the android's stance, with a very cold aspect and with the same clothes she was wearing when she was awakened by the cryogenic pod used by Doctor Gelo to keep her in check.

Now that she's awakened, she risks bringing new destruction or falling in love with Krillin. What do you think of this work?

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