Dragon Ball Z: Goku, Bardock and Gohan together in an old Toei animation poster

Dragon ball is a manga and then an anime, born in the distant 80s. So he had a lot of time to evolve in different ways, insert a lot of characters and create some kind of myth around his character. Feature films made specifically for the cinema and special episodes have also contributed to this universe.

He was introduced in one of them Baddack, the Saiyan who was Goku's father before he died of Freeza, along with almost everyone else of his kind. Toriyama liked the character so much that he put him in a very brief Dragon Ball scene. Among the many posters Toei Animation produced in the 90s with the saga's entry into Dragon Ball Z, another one that has gone viral has risen in recent days.

Below we see a photo from Dragon Ball Vintage 80 '90', a Twitter page that gathers these old curiosities. The poster takes up the trio composed by grandfather Bardock, Goku protagonist of Dragon Ball and little Gohan, with clothes from the end of the Saiyan saga. What do you think of this old illustration?

Dragon Balls are a fundamental theme in Dragon Ball: what would be the most asked requests for the Shenron Dragon? And purebred Saiyans always take back Goku and Baddack's family and have a unique ability.

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