One of those twists that no one expected Dragon Ball Z It is undoubtedly the love that blossomed between Krillin and #18. After the end of the Cell saga, Krillin asks Shenron to remove the explosives from the body of the android girl, who can finally lead a normal life again and decides to marry Krillin.

From their marriage it is born marron, a small and happy girl who will be mother C-18's shoulder on every shopping trip. After the wedding, Krillin will also decide to regrow his hair, which he has always shaved since the first episodes of Dragon Ball.

The couple have always been hugely popular with fans, and so @Sarul Art posted via his Twitter profile a short animated video with Krillin and Android 18 exercising. In the sequence that you will find at the bottom of this news, Krillin and #18 enliven an all-out clash under the eyes of their daughter Marron. The girl in the finale meets a kitten who distracts her from her parents' argument.

@Sarul Art he did some in his video stunning black and white animations, with the protagonists of the drawings with a strong and simple line on the background of a checkered sheet. Dragon Ball Z #18, which Yuriko Tiger recently cosplayed, seems to be back in vogue among fans of the master's work Akira Toriyama.

We leave you the 5 best moments of the Dragon Ball Z anime.

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