The saga of the Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol had begun on the best of terms, and as the narrative progressed, the character of Molo was infused with pure and merciless evil not seen since Freeza. During the chapters of Dragon Ball SuperIt got worse. Here is when.

Before you begin, we recommend that you read our in-depth special on the Molo saga, in which all the advantages and disadvantages of the first real original story arc are analyzed in detail Toriyama is Toyotaro. As already mentioned, the new adventure started with some excellent conditions that were reduced in the course of the last chapter installment. However, there are a few elements that really helped detract from Molo's potential as a villain and characterization of Goku:

  • Molo, a bit like Cellhas undergone various transformations through interstellar hunting in search of energy. Rejuvenated thanks to the dragon balls, it finally got the "perfect shape" with a narrative pretext perhaps too forced, just like returning to the earth of the cell after the explosion, absorbing the android 73;
  • (Another) Vegeta Mistake: Toyotaro really seemed to have the best of intentions in separating Goku and Vegeta during the last session. Kakarotto with Merus and the Saiyan Prince in Yardrat, a pretty clever way of getting the infamous antihero to learn new techniques. Skills that total They were practically useless against his opponent, who culminates in a ridiculous defeat for a character who deserves more satisfaction and for once wins a fight;
  • Goku's final transformation it is really incomprehensible. Wherever you look at it, the protagonist's "Susanoo" activated as a result of Vegeta's energy gathering clashes with all of the struggles the franchise has always got us used to.
  • Molo is merging with the earth: a potentially brilliant idea to knock out just one of the two invincible Saiyajins and create other characters, but in practice everything has developed in banal ways, as has its dissolution threat;
  • By far the most serious and unforgivable event, however, occurs when Goku decides in a completely irrational way: to deliver a senzou to the enemy and restore his energies. Even with good intentions this is really a bad move, but what is really regrettable is that with this decision the protagonist has lost all promises of psychological development that were set in motion with the death of Merus;

But what do you think are the flaws of the Molo saga? Let us know yours with a comment below.

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