The Granolah Survivor Saga seems to be crucial for the future development of Dragon Ball Super. As Goku and Vegeta prepare to fulfill their destiny, the origins of the Saiyan race are questioned.

In chapter 69 of the Toriyama and Toyotaro manga, Lord Beerus apparently decides fMentor Vegetawho has decided to overcome Goku seems to want to take the path of the god of destruction. However, the mentoring process begins with questioning the history and nature of Saiyan.

When Beerus asks Vegeta how many planets the Saiyans destroyed, the prince replies that his race was born to fight, but that they have only started destroying planets because forced by Freeza. At this point, the god of destruction wonders if not only is he putting the blame on the shoulders of the space tyrants, but the Saiyan claims that the main fault lies with his father, King Vegeta.

At the end of the dialogue the Saiyajin prince he's pretty baffled: Beerus had told him he would show him the techniques of the gods of destruction. So why talk about his race's past? For Beerus, however, everything is closely related.

According to fan speculation, the god of the seventh universe's destruction has just started one psychological training which will lead Vegeta to a higher mental state. In order to attain the powers of a god, the Saiyan may have to give up his origins. Therefore, Vegeta should put aside Saiyan pride to accept the path of Hakai, the energy of destruction.

If that process results in Vegeta knowing the connection between Beerus and the Destruction of his home planet however, it is not yet clear. If so, what will be his reaction? The prince is about to face his past in Dragon Ball Super. In the meantime, let's take a look at the planet Cereal on the first page of the new chapter of Dragon Ball Super.

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