Dragon Ball Super has decided to do a pretty drastic retcon operation on Goku's father. Bardak, with the new story arc from Dragon Ball Super "Granola the Survivor" which the two protagonists competed against a new race of warriors: the cereals.

Granola is the last surviving member of the grain after Freezer used his Saiyan soldiers years ago to wipe the cereals off the face of the planet. The only reason Granola survived was because of the intervention of Bardak, Goku's father.

In this way, Dragon Ball Super continues a major retcon operation on everything we know about Bardock. In the chapter we see the terrible flashback of the Cereal massacre. So we witness the brutal killing of countless members of this race and a small community of Namekians by Freeza's Saiyan army and how Granola and her mother Muezli were desperate to hide to avoid a terrible death.

Eventually Granola and her mother are actually found and luckily Bardak discovers them. When the Saiyan sees Muezli standing between his son and Freeza's subordinates, the flashback begins a flashback that shows how Goku's father meets his son for the first time and how angry his wife Gine was because Bardock had lost his birth. It is this memory that leads the fighter not only to save Granola, Muezli and the Namek Monaito, but also to stand up and risk his own life to fight the new villains of Dragon Ball Super, the Heeters .

We have yet to see how Bardak managed to counter the Heeters' secret weapon. Still, this new chapter of Dragon Ball Super makes Bardak's heroism clearer than ever - and shows it to us, too the true legacy of his son Goku. Dragon Ball Super went to great lengths to turn Bardak's character into a brighter antihero guy, rather than the bleak picture of him that Dragon Ball Z left us with.

Likewise Dragon Ball Super: Broly he corrected the origins of Goku, Vegeta, and Broly to show that Bardak was indeed kinder than an ordinary Saiyan. Now Dragon Ball Super has added a chapter that clearly crowns Bardak as an almost uniquely heroic Saiyan, even if his personal interests are not at stake. Is Bardak's Retcon really a good idea in Dragon Ball Super?

We remind you that Chapter 77 of Dragon Ball Super is available on Manga Plus.

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