After threatening planet earth for some time, in Chapter 66 of Dragon Ball Super Molo has finally received the lesson he deserves from Goku, who dealt him a decisive blow thanks to Vegeta's contribution. The pages of the manga look like a tribute to Dragon Ball Z's Majin Buu saga, however.

Chapter 66 of Dragon Ball Super begins with the Z-Warriors' intent to fight Molo, who has merged with Earth itself in an utter maddening act. Goku could have ended the fight at different times, but his innate goodness resulted in an incurable situation. The Fate of the world is on his shoulders.

The same responsibility lay with the Saiyan during the Majin Buu saga. In the final phase of the arc, Kid Buu was ready to do this destroy the entire planet with a single blow, but Goku was able to stop the evil antagonist with the help of Vegeta. Just like in Dragon Ball Z, the Galactic Patrol Prisoner saga ended with the two fighters ready to work together to save the planet.

By splitting the mind, Vegeta has accumulated the energy of the inhabitants of the earth and there was Goku, who defeated Molo using a technique similar to Sasuke's Susanoo. This episode seems to be the opposite of what happened in the battle with Kid Buu. In this case, it was Goku who gathered the energy of others to hurl the Genkidama sphere.

A final tribute can be found precisely at the moment Molo is defeated. Without saying a word, Goku turns to face his companions with a raised thumb. have what he did to Kid Buu's defeat. For the umpteenth time, Toyotaro wanted to pay homage to the main work of the master Toriyama. In the meantime, let's take a look at Goku's exaggerated power in Dragon Ball Super. Goten and Trunks show off their new clothes in Dragon Ball Super.

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