The Big Apple has been invaded by the Z Warriors! The 2021 New York Comic-Con attendees actually reported the presence of Goku, Vegeta, and the other great protagonists of Akira Toriyama's work! They too are buzzing over the trailer for Dragon Ball Super: superhero?

During a special panel, al Comic-Con 2021 in New York The first official trailer for the franchise's new movie was shown in 2022 with a surprising 3DCG graphics. Apparently, this news must have upset Goku and the others who came in response to the event!

As you can see from the footage shared by the official TOEI Animation Twitter, New York Comic-Con 2021 was indeed with gorgeous life-size statues. On a scale of 1: 1, these gigantic figures represent theIntroduction to Dragon Ball Zwhere the Z Fighters are lined up next to each other.

But not only that, some visitors wandering through the event made an uncomfortable encounter, Vegeta Oozaru. The Saiyan prince's monkey shape hasn't been seen since the days of the Dragon Ball Z Saiyan saga: is it kind of a suggestion? Indeed, somehow, as the film progresses, there is a possibility that Pan will accidentally transform into Oozaru.

There's finally space for Dragon Ball Super at NYCC 2021! At the fair, there is actually a scenario that corresponds to that Fight between Goku and Jiren. Will the anime series finally return after the film is released?

We leave you a theory about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and remind you that the next movie news will be in December!

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