Shortly after the film's debut in Japan, the first spoilers for Dragon Ball Super: Superhero. They confirmed fan theories that predicted the return of Cell and a new form of Gohan, in addition to that of Piccolo, which TOEI Animation had already revealed in a trailer.

The same TOEI animation then released official images of Gohan and Piccolo's transformations into Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, with the intention of showing them to audiences around the world. Almost a month has passed since the debut of the film, and for many fans Super Hero no longer has any secrets: many artists bring to life rich illustrations and study in detail the designs of the new forms of Gohan, Piccolo and Cell.

@utsushie_ she shared via Twitter Illustration of Gohan Beast, name of the new form of Gohan in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, confirmed by Akira Toriyama. In his fan art @utsushie_ did an excellent color closeup of Goku's son which you can see at the end of the news. Gohan Beast's red eyes attract attention, making the Saiyan's expression determined and menacing. THE long white hair of the boy are only half visible, surrounded by the sparks of his aura.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero fan art focuses on Gohan, a much-loved character who had little place in Dragon Ball Super. The time has come for one of his I'm also returning in the main series?

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